Matching You with Your Own Personal Haven

Cottonwood Interiors are home to a professional and passionate carpentry service creating bespoke furniture and living areas to reflect the personality, and dynamics of your family.  That means your whole home will be tailor made, fitted to meet the needs of all who dwell in it, and furnished to take your likes and dislikes into account.

However, whereas communal areas in a home are often made functional and attractive to take into account the needs of the whole family, bedrooms will always be something a little bit more special.  It’s your personal space, a place to call your own and a private sanctuary that provides you with rest and relaxation from the busy cares of the day.  A good bedroom must evoke a feeling of relaxation, but also inspire you as you begin your day or when dressing for a night out.  Although the focal point of your retreat is the bed, well-built dressing tables and wardrobes make his room a place to inspire, pamper and create.

Whether your room is large or small, symmetrical or the unusual shape that is often created by loft conversions or extensions, having bespoke built in bedroom furniture means that it will make the most of your space in a way that you can practically utilize but will also look simply stunning with your choice of wood, and extras. And, Cottonwood Interiors don’t just create and handcraft bespoke fitted bedroom furniture, but their online boutique means that you can furnish your room with the extra comfort and touches that come from the carefully selected artisan pieces available at the boutique.

What about that spare room in your home that you just don’t know what to do with? Or that landing space that offers you more room for your things, but you don’t know how to use it?  Have you ever considered a dressing room?  This will utilise space in your own room, removing the need for wardrobes and maximise the space in other parts of the home.  Bespoke fitted bedroom furniture means that you can choose what exact size wardrobes and cupboard spaces you want and need in your room and what you can have in your dressing room.

When it comes to your child’s bedroom, it is so much more than just a room to rest and dress.  It becomes anything your child can possibly imagine up during the many hours they play there.  The bed becomes a boat, a sheet becomes a tent, the floor becomes a library.  Cottonwood interiors provide the carpentry skills and expertise that means each room with be made to measure to the individual as well as the room.  Bookshelves and toy shelves needed?  Not a problem.  You just specify what you want and the bespoke carpentry services of Oxfordshire will combine their craftsmanship, creativity, energy, communication into providing your little ones with exactly what they need.

Cottonwood Interiors specialise in making a house a home, and your bedroom a haven.

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