Must Have Home Accessories of 2019

Amid all the social and political uncertainty that 2019 has already brought, the autumn months promise tranquillity within our own domain by providing you with an interior design trend that reflects a contrast between exotic tastes in styles from the Mediterranean and Orient, and comforting reminders of the natural world around us, such as botanical and zoological prints.  Add to these the earthy, rustic styles brought to you with a beautiful use of concrete, porcelain, wood, brass and a selection of natural looking textiles.

Cottonwood Boutique have always given you choice in a wide section of decorative accessories and home soft furnishings, allowing you to select items that work with one another in a way that makes your style special to you.  This ability to mix and match goes perfectly with the eclectic styles that are popular in 2019.  All of the eco friendly home accessories brought to you in 2019 on the website, seem to be in parallel with the recent need to be more mindful and connected, by creating a connection with the wider world.  From flora and fauna in the form of the Botanical Jungle Cushion, or the porcelain Occasional Butterfly Stool and Butterfly Umbrella Stand in Turquoise, to Buddhas and hand carved ornaments, you can bring the wonders of the world home.

Retro styles continue to be in fashion this season with stunning items such as the beautiful rustic Tan Leather Sling Chair, and geometric designs in use on indoor planters, baskets, cushion covers, rugs and photo frames.

Wall art and decorative mirrors are also available for your garden area. To enable you to extend your personal haven into your garden all year round, the frames of the Windsor Mirror and the Whitechapel Mirror have been frost protected and are therefore able to withstand all weathers, perfect as eco home accessories in the UK.

Textiles in the soft furnishings section make good use of the rustic styles with items such as the Frill cushion and Linen Frill Cushion, and the Felt Ball Rug and Pom Pom Garland allow you to add a little something extra to the mix with its use of colour.  Add some light to your home, with an excellent choice of lamps and shades.

With the bespoke eco friendly home furniture store, already providing you with the latest fashion and trends of the times, this boutique full of eco home accessories means you can easily find the perfect soft furnishings to match with your furniture whether it’s for the bedroom, lounge, dining room or hallway.

Don’t forget, that unlike other competitors in the market, Cottonwood Boutique provide eco friendly home accessories UK wide, allowing those that array their homes with a look of the natural world around them, with planters and botanical prints, to show they really do genuinely love their planet.

For the latest must have home accessories Oxford based Cottonwood Interiors online boutique can supply you with everything you need to make your house your home.

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