What Is a Bespoke Kitchen?

A kitchen makeover can create an exciting focal point when redecorating your property, or it can be a way of making a new home truly yours.  Whatever your motivation for considering a design consultation with Cottonwood kitchen designers Oxford, you surely already have many ideas of how you would like your new kitchen to look and function.  The layout of functional zones, the positioning of appliances, the colour palate; you likely have already spent time considering these and many other options.  In order to realise your new kitchen exactly as you envisage it, it is crucial to choose the kitchen designers Cotswolds householders can rely on to bring their dream to life.

Cottonwood Interiors have traded as bespoke kitchen designers and fitters for over three decades.  With every bespoke kitchen installation, we have made it our goal to go the extra mile to provide our customers with a product which looks how they hoped it would, works how they hoped it would, and complements the arrangements and decor in the rest of the dwelling.  Too many kitchen design companies think about each installation only in technical terms; how to make each unit fit, where to cut and where to attach components.  Their goal is to use as many off-the-shelf products as possible, combining these according to the manufacturer’s specification, rather than your own.  While such an arrangement may fulfil the basic functions of a kitchen, it is unlikely to be the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted.

We believe a truly bespoke kitchen should not be compromised by such limitations.  While there is a place for off-the-shelf products in modern kitchen designs, these should serve the goal of creating the ideal kitchen rather than dictating it.  Often, only small changes are necessary to make the difference between the installation you may be tempted to settle for, and the classic kitchen you really deserve.  For example, perhaps a run of units are slightly shorter than the wall they are to be attached to?  It doesn’t take much to fabricate a small matching piece to attach to the end of the units and fill the gap, but it will make all the difference when the installation is complete.  Of course, we can also undertake much more extensive custom work if your vision requires it.

Here at Cottonwood Interiors, ‘truly bespoke’ means doing whatever is necessary to achieve the desired result.  After all, no-one wants a new kitchen which is almost exactly what they wanted.  The craftspeople on our bespoke kitchens team can use solid timbers, laminates, MDF, and a variety of other materials to bring your dream kitchen to life, whether that involves slight alterations, or creating entirely new pieces from scratch.  The demand for our bespoke kitchen designers UK wide is booming, so it would seem that our customers agree!  We provide a start-to-finish service, meaning once your kitchen is designed, manufactured and supplied, our kitchen fitters in Oxford are ready to make our vision a reality.

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What Is a Bespoke Kitchen?
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